Rumble defends Russell Brand, tells Britain ‘No’

Rumble, the video platform that hosts content from conservative and alternative voices, has defended comedian and commentator Russell Brand against the ‘cancel culture mob’ that has targeted him after sexual misconduct allegations.

The platform has released a letter to British lawmakers, accusing them of trying to pressure Rumble and other platforms to demonetize Brand for his off-platform behavior.

Brand, who has a large following on Rumble, has been accused by four women of sexual assault and rape in incidents that spanned 2006 to 2013.

The allegations were published by The Times, The Sunday Times and Channel 4 Dispatches in a joint investigation last weekend.

Brand has denied the accusations and claimed that the government and the media are trying to censor him.

YouTube, the dominant video platform, took the rare step of demonetizing Brand for his off-platform behavior on Tuesday in order to “protect the community”.

This means that Brand will no longer receive advertising revenue from his videos on YouTube, which has 6.64 million subscribers.

Rumble, however, has refused to bow to the pressure and has issued a scathing letter to British lawmakers who demanded that Rumble and other platforms follow YouTube’s example and demonetize Brand.

The letter slams the lawmakers for their “disturbing” and “unprecedented” attempt to interfere with Rumble’s editorial independence and free speech rights.

The letter also accuses the lawmakers of being part of the “cancel culture mob” that seeks to silence dissenting voices and of having a double standard when it comes to dealing with sexual misconduct allegations.

The letter concludes by stating that Rumble will continue to support Brand and other creators who challenge the status quo and expose corruption and censorship in the media and the government.

The letter also thanks Rumble’s users for their loyalty and for standing up for free speech.

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