The War in the Middle East

One of the most serious and complicated political issues of our time is the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, the militant group that controls the Gaza Strip.

The conflict started on October 9, 2023, when Hamas fired rockets at Jerusalem, triggering a strong response from Israel.

Since then, both sides have launched thousands of airstrikes and rocket attacks, killing hundreds of people and injuring thousands more.

The war has also caused major damage to buildings, roads, and humanitarian facilities in Gaza and Israel.

Many countries and organizations have been trying to stop the war and end the suffering, but so far, no deal has been made.

Biden has said that he supports Israel’s right to protect itself, but also asked both sides to calm down and avoid more deaths.

He has also promised to send humanitarian help to Gaza and help fix its ruined economy.

The war in the Middle East has also caused protests and violence in other parts of the world, especially in Europe and North America.

Many people have gone out to the streets to show their views on the war, either supporting Israel or criticizing its actions.

Some of these protests have turned violent, leading to fights with police or other protesters.

There have also been cases of hate crimes and attacks against Jews and Muslims in different cities.


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